Cheap tickets to Ireland!!!

Aer Lingus is offering an incredible bogo deal. If you’ve been putting off a trip to the Emerald aisle, perhaps now is the time act!

4 Responses to “Cheap tickets to Ireland!!!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for the info! Have a recommendations for places to stay?

  2. Irish Travler Says:

    The prices are excellent. I should also mention that I truly prefer to have someone along who knows the land. This being said, the offers I found through have been excellent! I also like the fact that they’re able to offer me the option of a “Self Guided” tour should I prefer.

  3. Irish Travler Says:

    In response to Michelle, check out the link in my previous comment!!!

  4. Irish Blogger Says:

    Anywhere in Kerry is great. As the Irish Traveler said the tours through include some great Kerry Tours. Of course Dublin is always fun, but if I were to go tomorrow my choice is Kerry.

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