Dr. Stoner’s Herbal Vodka – St Patrick’s Day Green Cheba

March 6th, 2018

We’ve partnered with our friends at Dr Stoner’s to bring you a special concoction for your St Patrick’s Day party this year. Be sure to stock up on your favorite herbal vodka. It’s 42.0% alcohol by volume… 🙂
1.5 oz. Dr. Stoner’s Fresh Herbal Vodka
1/2 oz sour mix
1/2 oz. pineapple juice
1/2 oz. blue curaçao
1/2 oz. melon liqueur
shake in ice
top with club soda

7 yrs Sober

March 17th, 2012

Congratulations to John H. of Ashburn VA for 7 years of Sobriety today, March 17, 2012 – St. Patricks Day. And to all of those who join him in his sober way of life. Many more to come!!

Did you know … Leap Year trivia

February 29th, 2012

Did you know.. that today is also known as “St. Bridget’s Complaint”. It is believed this tradition was started in 5th century Ireland when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about women having to wait for so long for a man to propose. According to legend, St. Patrick said the yearning females could propose on this one day in February during the leap year.

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