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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

An Irish Archbishop came out in support of continuing to segregate Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland’s school system.

Now, I’m against segregation in any form, but when the oppressed group is asking for the division so they can better educate their children, I have to stop and rethink my position.




still thinking




Nope, it┬ hasn’t changed. ┬ As long as Catholics and Protestants insists on living apart in Northern Ireland, they’ll never truly live together.

Historic day

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

The last watchtower has come down in Northern Ireland, signaling a belief that the country has — at last — found true and lasting peace.

It makes me hopeful that, perhaps one day, we will see an end to Iraq’s occupation and its bloody civil war. Can the Shiites and Sunnis resolve their differences peacefully (if not fully) like the Protestants and Catholics have done? Will they stop using subtle differences in their worship of the same God as a reason to kill each other like the formerly warring factions in Northern Ireland are trying to do?

And will the atrocities that occurred┬ under the occupying nation’s watch be┬ partially atoned for┬ by its commitment to solving the problem?

I’m not sure any of this is possible. And even if it┬ is how long will it take and at what cost will it be?

If The Troubles taught us anything, the answer is too long and too high.

Still any step toward peace should be celebrated by the world’s citizens.

So here’s a bittersweet cheers to the Upper 6. May you be an example to others.

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