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Sharing a Bit of Irish Nostalgia

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I came across an old Irish film the other day that I thought was fantastic. It’s the story of the Howth Tram that ran along the coast in Ireland. The film is called “Once Upon a Tram”. It was created in 1958 and has some wonderful scenes of Irish life at the time.

Here’s the link and a brief excerpt from the site. I hope you enjoy.’

Directed by John Sarsfield and James Maguire between 1958 and 1959, Once Upon a Tram immortalizes one of the last runs of the Howth Tram that linked the villages of Howth and Sutton that lie along the County Dublin coast, 9 miles from the city centre. Families escaping the hustle and bustle of city life would head there for an afternoon at the seaside.
Life passes gently by from one tram stop to the next, in the midst of the Irish countryside glorified by the inimitable Kodachrome film. Some passengers get off, others climb on, for a round of golf before teatime.
Narrated with old-fashioned elegance by the smooth voice of renowned Irish actor Cyril Cusack, Once Upon a Tram is a nostalgic film that moves along like an old lady taking her time.

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