One Ireland?

With the recent announcement that the last of the British troops will be leaving Northern Ireland after nearly a decade without any fatalities, what’s next for Ireland? Do you think we’ll hear calls for reunification? Surely the people of Northern Ireland would like to experience the prosperity and tourism that their southern neighbors do. Do you think a reunited Ireland is possible? Wouldn’t a united Ireland be the ultimate sign of the success of negotiation and peace over irrational behavior and violence?

Can you imagine the map of Ireland like this?

One Ireland?

One Response to “One Ireland?”

  1. Irish Blogger Says:

    Its great to see a move toward reunification, but I believe this idea in the near term is unlikely. If you visit Ireland there are still those old lagging tensions and ultimately a lot of this is going to be determined by the UK’s willingness to help the process along and or not get involved. With all that said it would be great to see 1 Ireland again!

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