Democrates Loose 08 Election

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what I can get out of the country and get away with it! In today’s Democratic race what are the options? A known liar, cheater and manipulator or a pompous ass that does not have enough common sense to know that he his preacher is a racist. How does one decide between the two?

My personal choice is that I will not. This will be the one election I choose to vote Republican. Although there are aspects of the Republican Party I do not like, I cannot stand to think of Clinton or Obama in the White House.

The one major issue I think the democrats have misjudged again is the War in Iraq. Once again, they will loose the White House because of this issue. It is a tragedy that we have lost one life during a mis-shapen war over oil (and potentially terrorism). However just to piss away those lives and stop what we are doing; those dead soldiers are turning over in their graves just hearing it being considered. The fight needs to remain in the terrorists’ back yard, not America’s. It is ridiculous to assume that we were going to fix this in 5 years, 10 years even 20 years. However, it is not ridiculous to think that we can continue to influence the direction Iraq and other countries are going as long as we have a presence. We got into the war for all the wrong reasons but now that we are there, we need to make the commitment to stay. What do we do if we stay? Get the politicians the hell out of the decision-making and turn it back over to the Soldiers. They are the best. They will get the job done IF we give them the chance and do not tie their hands.

Maybe in 2012 the democrats will get it together and gives us options for a real world candidate; one that is a strong leader and believes in defending this country! God Bless America!


7 Responses to “Democrates Loose 08 Election”

  1. brian Says:

    Spot on!!!

  2. Ronan Gallagher Says:

    Might I suggest that if you are so concerned about Iraq, you go out there yourself and take up the cudgels of war, or perhaps like many of your fellow countrymen and women, you prefer to talk up the war as long as you can do so from the comfort of your own home and someone else does the fighting and dying. Yeah! God bless America!
    Ronan Gallagher
    Lough Rinn

  3. Original Author Says:

    Mr Gallagher,

    One simple question…….How have you served your country?

    Myself, I served 8 years in the military and feel quite comfortable writing about the matter. Additionally adding to my comfort level my father was in the military (23 years Navy Officer), my brother was in the military (8 years Special Forces) and my brother-in-law was in the military (8 years Infantry Officer). I feel for every family that has lost a father, a son, a mother or a daughter; however, those soldiers faught and died for a greater cause and I know the majority of families understand this and praise the loved ones efforts.

    Again, how have you served your country? The soldiers who have fallen, have died for their Country so that the civilians would not have to.

    God Bless these soldeirs and efforts!

  4. Ronan Gallagher Says:

    I don’t have to serve your country. I have one of my own, or perhaps in your new order of things where you guys get to ‘save the world’, other countries don’t really count. As to your comments on serving ones country, this does not have to be by killing people in another, especially one where your own country bred the evil tyrant that ruled Iraq in the first place. As to fighting for your country do you think it should be done blindly and with no moral compass. Perhaps this is the thinking that gave us such fine examples of American justice, like Abu Graib, Guantanamo, the murdering of innocent Iraqi civilians in their homes, cars, towns and cities. One other question, did your service in the military include actual war or were you like your glorious leader, who flew a plane in a circus once and then had the audacity to don a US air force uniform to announce to the world that the Iraq mission was accomplished? To truly desire peace one must first be sickened by war, which in your case makes me think you really haven’t had enough of it yet, and as I said, you are perfectly free to go out to the front line and stand with your soldiers, pen or gun in hand.

  5. Original Author Says:

    Mr Gallagher,
    Please listen to the question….How have you served YOUR country? It sounds like you have been the one doing the lounge chair quarterbacking! Since you may not follow American Football, this means sitting on your duff and judging others without ever having been there-done that yourself. Other than being opposed to War, what qualifies you to comment?

    As far as the atrocities that are being committed to the Iraqi people, the American Soldiers and other Foreign Soldiers are the ones helping to put an end to it; as shown by the positive effects of the most recent troop surge. The vast majority of these horrific acts were being committed by non-American Foreigners and various Iraqi Factions on the Iraqi people, in an attempt to stop the positive efforts of the various forces. As for few isolated incidents were American troops were not acting professiosnally, those individuals have been appropriately punished. But it sounds like you would rather judge the whole for the actions of a few; that is your right. Might I suggest watching a more accurate news station or reading a less politically biased newspaper and you will see some of the great things that have occured in Iraq and to its people since its liberation.

    As to address your other comments, I can not argue the fact that America helped Sadam during a different stage in history, nor will I argue that maybe there was a better time and place to take Sadam out of power; perhaps during the first Gulf War. Those are debates for maybe another blog.

  6. Ronan Gallagher Says:

    I see from your last post that you have mastered the art of double speak and hypocrisy so well practiced by your glorious leader. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t ever recall anyone suggesting that foreign fighters (other than Americans) were responsible for the perversion that was Abu Graib. Your contention that this and many other crimes against the Geneva Convention committed by American troops are isolated and your description of these appalling acts as unprofessional, rings hollow and indeed stinks to the high heavens of hypocrisy. Your description of the US helping Saddam as being ‘during a different stage in history’ rings a new high in the denial factor that people like yourself engage in to justify an already very weak argument. As to my newspaper and TV habits, it may surprise you to know that I don’t generally read any, or watch much TV. This may come as a further surprise but I actually rely on my own intellect to inform myself. I call it being independent. I believe you guys just celebrated a day which you named after it.

  7. AlexM Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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