Christmas as it should be

With all this recent commentary about the state of affairs in our economy, I couldn’t help but wonder what Christmas would be like if we had stayed with the traditions of 50, 75, or 100 years ago. I’m not old enough to have experienced a Christmas then, but in what I can see from the media, it seems like Christmas sure was simpler and more focussed on¬ religious¬ and family traditions. Maybe there were a couple gifts, but not this orgy of packages under the tree. Sounds kinda nice.


Pile o crap

Pile o crap

With the¬ economy¬ in the state it’s in, it feels like we’re having Christmas shoved down our throats¬ more than ever by the corporate¬ greedy. The advertisers are playing into our attraction for a good bargain and selling us more crap that we really don’t need. I think it’s a good pill for the economy to take if, as Americans and consumers in general, we can learn to settle back into a simpler lifestyle, enjoy Christmas and the holidays for what they are and stop spending more than we have and buying more than what we need. ¬ And maybe we might even be able to balance our own budgets.

3 Responses to “Christmas as it should be”

  1. Heidi Edelman Says:

    I wish that every one would just celebrate the holidays as they & their family choose to & hold off on telling everyone else what THEY should do. Enjoy and serve YOUR version of any religion, or none at all. All this moralizing and pontificating mixed with politics is JUST WRONG, disgusting.
    AND, THIS GOES OUT TO ALL THOSE WHO SCREAM ABOUT ‘DON’T SAY HAPPY HOLIDAYS’= IT’S CHRISTMAS’. Who appointed you to be judge & jury of what’s right? How dare you in your arrogency!?

    If you don’t like an excess of gifts @ Christmas, don’t buy them/give them or move your gifts to Three Kings Day/Jan. 6th-when the three kings, with their gifts, were supposed to have arrived @ the the manger, after their long journey, as they do in Med. countries.

    Or, better yet, contact an agency that helps those who are truely down on their luck and give some-one else all that EXCESS. NOW THAT’S A REAL GIFT= no thanks, no celebrity..just pure GOOD!

    N.B.I’m of German(open gifts Xmas Eve.), Irish,& English background/ Catholic/Episcopal/Unitarian=Congregational=background; married to a ‘Born-Again-Christian’ of Russian/Middle-European Jewish descent. AND, my Dad’s father(Penn. Dutch=who’s family left The Black Forest/ fleeing from religious persecution) used to dress up as Santa, Xmas Eve, and deliver donated gifts & candies-with a volunteer band) to home-bound church members and kids & people hospitalised thru this precious season.

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