Democrats Take Over US Congress

Now that the Dems have taken over congress, what will this mean. Haven’t the Irish been historically Democratic? Or were we only democratic until we became “The Man” in power?
This Irishman thinks that as our Irish blood has integrated into the new American culture over the last 100 years, we’ve grown more Republican. My theory is that the accumulation of wealth and power makes a person more conservative and more likely to shift there opinions to the right. What do you think? Are you a Donkey or a Elephant and how do you think the Irish lean?

3 Responses to “Democrats Take Over US Congress”

  1. Mike Says:

    Not sure if I’m either. For some of us of Irish roots, we still rely upon our wit and ability to tell when someone’s full of it. From what I can see if God ment for us to vote, he’d of given us candidates. Something none of the political parties in the US seem to be able to do. And while we’re on the subject, what person in thier right mind (or rather worth voting for) would want the job to begin with!?

  2. Charles Edward Strother III Says:

    Firstly I am an elephant that is certain.

    Next following your theory: accumulation of wealth and power leads to change. I agree. This change in some people can be unpredictable however (left , middle, or right) in other people their change can be predicated to a very known degree. Those who are the most consistently balanced in theory philosophy and life must be chosen in my humble opinion to be our leaders. Irish lean in all directions that’s why we are Irish Mate! Backwards and Forwards as well! I would recommend that we Irish stay that way also so as to keep giving a balanced judgment to our problems. It is not good to be left or right. These are extremes and extremes of any thing should be avoided.

    Separation of Business and State.

    Philosophical response to accumulation of wealth and power.

    We can probably agree that in most cases money leads to power. There are however exceptions where thought has led to power. This last path results in the difference between a true statesmen and a true business man. Perhaps in a capitalistic structure the only construction is that of money leads to power. Considering this and the idea of accumulating wealth and power for the sake of accumulation for self ego-tisation is considered below.

    The accumulation of wealth as a goal in itself is selfish and unproductive to ones spiritual enlightenment as well as those one touches. After all money does not come with us and it shall not be taken with us when we go. Money as a tool should be collected for this goal. Achieving the goal can lead to power. Successful business people are listened to and thus powerful in a sense. But when one wants an unspecified amount of money for an unspecified reason and not a specific reason such as opening a company, acquiring a house or any real goal, then one creates a formula for personal misery and disastrous in the pursuit of power for business reasoning and not statesman reasoning. For power is only one. Power (political power) should be handled by statesmen only. Imbalance of political philosophy leads to war mongers and Imperialistic ideals which in fact are creative sources of death which negatively effect the whole of the body. If you want the path of death then set your goals for the unlimited accumulation of wealth and then power and you will find true unhappiness.

    On the other hand it could be said that true political power is passed in a magical natural way to a personal individual whom others recognize as the new torch bearer of the power over men and this event is not naturally acquired through collecting wealth and power as such.

    This implies that the theory of following either wealth and then or power is not a natural flow of life’s expressions or logistics and can lead to the development of an extremist view point being left or right. Additionally it could be said that Business can imprison the Statesmen if tools of death are used freely (democracy striped and freedom replaced by illusions).

    We should all follow what we love our passions and do this the best. This will lead to wealth if other people like what you do. If we set our goals on paper with pen and ink and have a clear idea we can reach it this way and then this can lead to the power of submission of others to you as their ruler and provider. Then be kind to your subject please and you will grow big and fat and happy in life as those around you love you and don’t fear you. This my fellow Irish is the biggest mandate which we have to create Love amongst us and don’t jump on the band wagon to destruction. Follow the Golden Middle ( Our Rainbow to the Pot of Gold). That is what it is all about. The Golden Middle. This is Irish, The Lucky!

    Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read this entire expression.

    Best Regards

    C. Edward Strother III

  3. Michael Soliday Says:

    This is not a reply to your essay above, but an inquiry. Is this The Ed Strother that attended Elon?

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