Irish PM scandal

How long until Martin Scorsese makes a movie about this guy

Say what you will about the ethics of it all, but you have be a little awed by the fact that he found businessmen willing to fund a 280-acre estate, a private island, a yacht, a helicopter business for his son and a jet-setting second life with¬ his mistress.¬ That’s the kind of resourcefulness I want in my Prime Minister!

6 Responses to “Irish PM scandal”

  1. Santa Mic Says:

    Don’t we already have that sort of leadership in the Congress? They just call it contributions…

  2. Nellie Says:

    Yes, though that could change if Congress could find the courage to pass the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform. It might infringe upon the First Amendment, but at least it would lessen the special interests’ impact on the election.

  3. Santa Mic Says:

    I don’t believe that the first amendment was designed to protect corporations or non-individuals, although I understand that it does. The ruling that gave them this right was civil war time and totally made by a bias court.

  4. Johnny Come Lately Says:

    Shocker…politicians taking bribes! Isn’t that one of the perks of the job? Honestly, it’s pretty crazy that this is coming out 20 years too late…maybe they can exhume his dead body and punish him. Or maybe St. Patrick will have something in store for him in the afterlife.

  5. Irish Blogger Says:

    As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a honest politician and the day we find one is going to be one day to late!

  6. Irish Blogger Says:

    Roger that! Contibutions…another fine way to get past doing things legally!

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