You’ve got mail

Ireland sent us the hands that built America. We’re returning the favor by sending a record-breaking number of advertisements for penis enlargers, prescription pills and Nigerian lotteries.

3 Responses to “You’ve got mail”

  1. That's the Internet Says:

    What do you expect. The vast majority of internet traffic is still being generated in the US, so, naturally, a lot of spam is also going to be coming from here. The US has also sent a lot back to Ireland thru travel dollars and the purchase of Irish goods. I have to think it’s a two way street!

  2. Nellie O'Loughlin Says:

    Sure, America has sent a lot to Ireland. But times our changing, my friend. As referenced in a recent post, Ireland’s no longer our poor cousin getting by on tourism bucks and Waterford purchases.

  3. Irish Blogger Says:

    It’s my understanding that does not give out its email addresses which is a huge bonus to dealing with this issue. I only wish some of the bigger companies understood this issue, but evidently not. Anytime I have signed up for another address I have almost immediately recieved spam.

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